Hand Painted Porcelain

Piggy Banks/Egg Cups

Liz thinks porcelain is a wonderful surface to paint on as it is smooth and glossy and results in bright clear colours.

The most popular porcelain gifts are piggy banks, hanging door tiles and egg cups. They are effective with both fine art and cartoon characters.

Porcelain items can be personalised and make a unique present for a child’s birthday, a christening/naming ceremony, baby shower. They also a make an unusual gift for a special birthday, anniversary or big change in life such as a new job, emigrating, retiring.

You can feel confident when giving one of these as a present that no one else has given the same gift.

Prices for personalised cartoon piggy banks with a pet/farm theme, sealife or zoo theme are usually £20 for a standard sized piggy (plus £3.00 postage where necessary): the first letter of the child’s name is usually made out of animal(s). Large piggy banks are £30 (£4.50 postage and packing). Other piggy bank commissions are taken – prices available on request (they are often the same as the prices quoted above).

Personalised door tiles are usually £17.50 (postage £2.50). They hang on the door.

Egg cups are £6, (you can have a name etc painted on the stem): postage is £2.00.


Mugs are usually £12. Postage is £2.50.

Liz can paint most glazed porcelain items including decorative plates. Get in touch with your request and she will give you a price.

Postage prices quoted are for the UK.



Liz will undertake a commission for a thimble. Prices are usually £7. Please get in touch if you are interested and discuss your requirements (see Contact Me)


Other porcelain: examples



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